Presented Paper


1.Hidden Digital Watermarks In Images (PPT)

    Chiou-Ting Hsu (Communication and Multimedia Lab,National Taiwan University,Taipei,Taiwan)

    Ja-Ling Wu        (Department of Information Engeering,National Chi-Nan  University,Puli,Nantou,545,Taiwan)

2.Progressive Meshes with Controlled Topology Modification (PPT)

   Pavcl Borodin    (Insitute for Computer Science Computer Graphics Group,Univerdity of Bonn)

   Rcinhard Klcin   (Insitute for Computer Science Computer Graphics Group,Univerdity of Bonn)


3.Clothing Manipulation (PPT) (VIDEO)


   Takeo Igarashi  (University of Tokyo)

   John F.Hughes  (Brown University)


4.Processing Image and Video for An Impressionist Effect (PPT)


    Peter Litwinowicz (Apple Computer,Inc.)


5.Automatic Photo Pop-up (PPT) (VIDEO)


   Derek Hoiem   (Carnegie Mellon University)

   Alexei A.Efros

   Martial Hebert


6.Aotomatic In-betweening in Computer Assisted Animation by Exploiting 2.5D Modelling Techniques


   Fabian Di Fiore  (Limburg University Centre,Belgium)

    Philip Schaeken

    Koen Elens

    Frank Van Reeth


7.Shadow Silhouette Maps (PPT) (VIDEO) ----On 941025----


    Pradeep Sen  (Stanford University)

     Mike Cammarano

     Pat Hanrahan

8.Interactive Material Replacement in Photographs (PPT) (VIDEO1) (VIDEO2)  ----On 941206----


    Steve Zelinka (Michael Garland)

    Hui Fang       

    John C. Hart

9.Towards Real-Time Texture Synthesis with the Jump Map (PPT)----950126----


    Steve Zelinka (Department of Computer Science,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

    Michael Garland

10.Reanimating the Dead: Reconstruction of Expressive Faces from Skull Data (PPT)-----NEW!!-----


    Kolja Kahler(MPI Informatik,Saarbrucken,Germany)

    Jorg Haber

    Hans-Peter Seidel





1.The space of human body shapes : Reconstruction and parameterization from rang scans (PPT) (VIDEO)


   Brett Allen      (University of Washington)

    Brian urless     (University of Washington)

    Zoran Popovic (University of Washington)


2.Consistent Mesh Parameterizations (PPT)


   Emil Praun        (Princeton)

    Wim Sweldens  (Bell Labs)

    Peter Schroder  (Bell Labs)


3.Displaced Subdivision Surfaces (PPT)(VIDEO)


   Aaron Lee         (Department of Computer Science Princeton University)

    Henry Moreton (Nvidia Corporation)

    Hugues Hoppe  (Microsoft Research)


4.Textureshop : Texture Synthesis as a Photograph Editing Tool (PTT)


  Hui Fang      (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

  John C.Hart  (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)


5.Fast Texture Synthesis using Tree-structured Vector Quantization (PTT)


  Li-Yi Wei      (Stanford University)

  Marc Levoy  (Stanford University)


6.Perspective Shadow Maps (PPT)


   Marc Stamminger

   George Drettakis


7.Deep Shadow Maps (PPT)


  Tom Lokovic  (Pixar Animation Studios)

  Eric Veach  (Pixar Animation Studios)


8.Adaptive Shadow Maps (PPT)


  Randima Fernando

  Sebastian Fernandez

  Kavita Bala

  Donald P.Greenberg (Program of computer Graphics/Cornell University)


9.Geometry Clipmap (PPT) (VIDEO)


  Hugues Hoppe (Microsoft Research)

  Frank Losasso (Stanford University)

  (siggraph 2004) 


10.The Clipmap:A Virtual Mipmap (PPT)


  Christopher C.Tanner

  Christopher J.Migdal

  Michael T.Jones (Silicon Graphics Computer System)


11.Smooth View-Dependent Level-of-Detail Control and its Application to Terrain Rendering (PPT) (VIDEO)


  Hugues Hoppe (Microsoft Research)

  (siggraph 1998)


12.Jigsaw Image Mosaics (PPT)


  Junhwan Kim

  Fabio Pellacini (Dept. of Computer Science, Cornell University)




1.Automated Extraction and Parameterization of Motions in Large Data Sets  (VIDEO)


    Lucas Kovar            (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

    Michael Gleicher  (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


2.Motions Synthesis from Annotations  (VIDEO)


    Okan Arikan         (University of California ,Berkeley)

    David A.Forsyth    (University of California ,Berkeley)

    James F.O'Brien   (University of California ,Berkeley)


3.Keyframe Control of Smoke Simulation  (VIDEO)


    Adrien Treille               (Univerdity of Washington)

    Antoine McNamara (Univerdity of Washington)

    Zoran Popovic'           (Univerdity of Washington)

    Jos Stam                       (Alias Wavefront)


4.Animating Suspended Particle Explosions  (VIDEO)


   Bryan E'Feldman  (University of California ,Berkeley)

   James F.O'Brien    (University of California ,Berkeley)

   Okan Arikan          (University of California ,Berkeley)


5.Realistic Modeling of Bird Flight Animations  (VIDEO)


   Jin-chi Wu          (Univerdity of Washington)

   Zoran Popovic' (Univerdity of Washington)



1.Semanticons: Visual Metaphors as File Icons


2.Automatic Synchronization of Background Music and Motion in Computer Animation (VIDEO)


  Hyun-Chul Lee   (Department of science,Yonsei University,Korea)

   In-Kwon Lee


3.Line Drawings from volumn data (VIDEO)


  Michael Burns         (Princeton University)

  Janek Klawe

  Szymon Rusinkiewicz

  Adam Finkelstein

  Doug DeCarlo         (Rutgers University)


4.Interactive Video Cutout (VIDEO)


  Jue Wang                (University of Washington)

  Pravin Bhat

  R. Alex Colburn      (Microsoft Research)

  Maneesh Agrawala

  Michael F.Cohen


5.Automatic Photo Pop-up (VIDEO)


  Derek Hoiem           (Carnegie Mellon University)

  Alexei A.Efros

  Martial Hebert


Abstract 94.09.01


1.Garment Motion Capture Using Color-Coded Patterns (Video)

2.Modelling Plant Variation Through Growth (Video)

3.Colored Pencil Filter with Custom Colors

4.A Versatile Interactive 3D Brush Model (Video)

5.Harold:A World Made of Drawings (Video)


Abstract 94.10.18


1.A Camera-Based Interface for Interaction with Mobile Handheld Computer (Video)
2.Generating Unified Model for Dressed Virtual Humans (Video)

3.Animating Autonomous Pedestrians (Video)

4.Pushing People Around (Video)

5.Simple and efficient compression of animation sequences (Video)


Abstract 94.11.29


1.Visualizing Sunsets through Inhomogeneous Atmospheres

2."Nijimi" Rendering Algorithm for Creating Quality Black Ink Paintings

3.Remote Line Rendering for Mobile Devices

4.Far Voxels: A Multi-resolution Framework for Interactive Rendering of Huge Complex 3D Models on Commodity Graphics Platforms (Video)

5.Image Categorization using Color Blobs in a Mobile Environment


Abstract 95.01.05


1.Adaptive Instant Displays: Continuously Calibrated Projections Using Per-Pixel Light Control (Video)

2.Real-Time Simulation of Physically Based On-Surface Flow (Video) (Video)

3.Interactive Watercolor Animations (Video)

4.Outside-In Anatomy Based Character Rigging (Video)

5.Realtime Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes on an FPGA Chip (Video)


Abstract 95.03.09


1.Exchanging Faces in Images

2.TextureMontage: Seamless Texturing of Arbitrary Surfaces From Multiple Images (Video)

3.Geostatistical Motion Interpolation (Video)

4.MoXi:Real-Time Ink Dispersion in Absorbent Paper (Video)

5.Mesh-Based Inverse Kinematics (Video)


Abstract 95.04.27


1.Real-Time Watercolor Illustrations of Plants Using a Blurred Depth Test

2.Real-Time Rendering of Cartoon Smoke and Clouds

3.Real-Time Pencil Rendering

4.A Spectral Approach to NPR Packing (data)

5.Modeling Plant Structures Using Concept Sketches