About Me

My name is Chiu Yun-Yu

Student of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Join Computer Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory in 2016

Email : m10509110 @ mail.ntust.edu.tw

Paper List


File      VisualIDs:Automatic Distinctive Icons for Desktop Interfaces (SIGGRAPH 2004)

File      Music Icons: Procedural Glyphs for Audio Files (SIBGRAPI 2006)

File      Lyrics-based Automatic Music Image Generation Using Scene Knowledge for Music Browsing (ICCE 2012)

File      Lyricon:A Visual Music Selection Interface Featuring Multiple Icons (IV 2011)

File      TF-IDF Method in Ranking Keywords of Instagram Users'Image Captions (ICITSI 2015)


File      Affecticon:Emotion-Based Icons for Music Retrieval [IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications,2011]

File      Matching Images With Textual Document Using TFIDF Method (CISP 2012)

File      Document Clustering: TF-IDF approach (ICEEOT 2016)

File      Synthesizing evocative imagery through design patterns(HICSS 2003)

File      Semanticons: Visual Metaphors as File Icons [Eurographics,2005]


File      Generating Affective Music Icons in the Emotion Plane(SIGCHI 2009)

File      Context based adaptation of application icons in mobile computing devices(WICT 2013)

File      Document Cards:A Top Trumps Visualization for Documents(IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics,2009)

File      Towards Using Visual Attributes to Infer Image Sentiment Of Social Events(IJCNN 2017)

File      Wish I Hadn't Clicked That:Context Based Icons for Mobile Web Navigation and Directed Search Tasks(IUI 2011)


File      Using Comics as a Visual Metaphor for Enriching SMS Messages with Contextual and Social Media(MobileHCI 2009)

File      Extracting Image Context from Pinterest for Image Recommendation(IEEE International Conference on Smart City 2015)

File      Document Thumbnails with Variable Text Scaling(EuroVis 2012)

File      MIST: A Music Icon Selection Technique Using Neural Network(Indian Journal of Science and Technology 2007)

File      AutoWeb: Automatic Classification of Mobile Web Pages for Revisitation(MobileHCI 2012)