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About Me

My name is Lynn.

I am a student of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

I am in Department of Information Management.

I joined CGM lab in 2015.

Paper List


Date Title Conf. PDF
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2. Automatic and accurate shadow detection using near-infrared information Smart Computing Review, 2014 File
3. Detecting illumination in images IEEE TPMI, 2013 File
4. Shadow Detection and Removal Based on YCbCr Color Space IEEE ICCV, 2007 File
5. Intrinsic Images by Entropy Minimization ECCV, 2004 File
20160526 1. Appearance Harmonization for Single Image Shadow Removal CVPR, 2016 File
2. Visual Road Following Using Intrinsic Images European Conference on Mobile Robots, 2015 File
3. Intrinsic Image Extraction from a Single Image Journal of Information Science and Engineering, 2009 File
4. Intrinsic Colorization SIGGRAPH Asia, 2008 File
5. User-Assisted Intrinsic Images SIGGRAPH Asia, 2009 File
20160818 1. Texture-Consistent Shadow Removal ECCV, 2008 File
2. Fast Shadow Removal Using Adaptive Multi-scale Illumination Transfer Computer Graphics Forum, 2013 File
3. Single-Image Shadow Detection and Removal using Paired Regions CVPR, 2011 File
4. Detecting ground shadows in outdoor consumer photographs ECCV, 2010 File
5. Learning to Remove Soft Shadows ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 2015 File
20161229 1. SLIC Superpixels EPFL Technical Report, 2010 File
2. Super Pixel Extraction via Convexity Induced Boundary Adaption IEEE ICME, 2013 File
3. BASS: Boundary-Aware Superpixel Segmentation ICPR, 2016 File
4. Soft bilateral filtering shadows using multiple image-based algorithms Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2016 File
5. Shadow Removal Using Intensity Surfaces and Texture Anchor Points IEEE PAMI, 2011 File