國立臺灣科技大學 資訊管理系博士 / Ph.D., Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (NTUST)


Name 鄭元棓 / Yuan-Bang Cheng
Nickname Aban
E-mail davinban [at] gmail.com
Research interests Visual Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Interactive Multimedia Design, Computer-aided Design, Interactive Technology, Human-computer Interaction, Game-based Learning and Serious Game Design
Domain fields

Technology, Education, Design.

期刊論文 / Journal

Cheng, Y.-B., Chang, T.-W. & Yang, C.-K. (in press). Generation of Design Ideas using EDOS-Touch. The Design Journal, (accepted). (AHCI). PDF

Cheng, Y.-B., Yang, C.-K., Chang, G.-C., & Chang, T.-W. (in press). Automatic Generation of Video Navigation from Google Street View Data with Car Detection and Inpainting. Multimedia Tools and Applications, (accepted). (SCIE). PDF

Li, Z.-Z., Cheng, Y.-B. & Liu, C.-C. (2013). A constructionism framework for designing game-like learning systems: its effect on different learners. British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET), 44(2), 208-224. (SSCI). PDF

Liu, C.-C., Cheng, Y.-B. & Huang, C.-W. (2011). The effect of simulation games on the learning of computational problem solving. Computers & Education (CAE), 57(3), 1907-1918. (SCIE, SSCI). PDF

Cheng, Yuan-Bang & Yu, Huei-Sheng. (2009) Designing a prototype of living product - Interactive Modular Display (IMD), International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering Systems, 3(2), 151-157. PDF


研討會論文 / Conference Papers

鄭元棓、楊傳凱、張冠中、張登文。Google街景播放器:街景影像中物件自動偵測、修補與串接,CGW2017-計算機圖學研討會,論文摘要集,4。(台中,靜宜大學。2017年6月29、30日。) PDF

Cheng, Yuan-Bang and Yang, Chuan-Kai. (2017) An Exploratory Study on the Memory Performance for Memorizing the English Words through the Apps with Three Different Learning Strategies and Highlights (ACM ICEMT 2017), ACM ICEMT 2017 Proceeding, 38-42. PDF

Chang, Teng-Wen and Cheng, Yuan-Bang. (2007) Implementing an interactive collage table system with design puzzle exploration, The 12th Human Computer Interaction International (HCII 2007), Springer Proceeding, Vol. 2, LNCS_4551, 778-787. (22-27 July 2007, Beijing, China). PDF

Cheng, Yuan-Bang and Chang, Teng-Wen. (2007) Solving design puzzle with physical interaction - a collage table implementation, The 12th Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA 2007), CAADRIA Proceeding, 13-20. (19-22 April 2007, Nanjing, China). PDF

鄭元棓、游輝陞。模組化的視覺屏風(MVP),2006 數位生活科技研討會-建構安全、安心、安康的生活環境,論文集,93-99。(台南,成功大學。2006年6月1、2日。) PDF


發表出版 / Publications

鄭元棓。主題:教育相關議題探討-南市4%老師憂鬱啦!需要就醫。雲大杏壇電子報,第四期,P. 24-25,97年6月出版。國立雲林科技大學師資培育中心。 LINK


學位論文 / Thesis

鄭元棓,2019。自動產生Google街景導覽影片並提供物件偵測、影像修補與3D虛擬實境顯示, Automatic Generation of Video Navigation from Google Street View Database with Object Detection, Image Inpainting and Stereoscopic Virtual Reality Display. LINK

鄭元棓,2008。運用心智圖法與多點觸控的實體互動介面探索設計拼貼之研究。 Cheng, Yuan-Bang: 2007, A Study on Exploring Design Collage Using Mind Mapping and Physical Interactive Interface with Multi-Touch. LINK


參與科技部(國科會) / MOST (NSC) Projects

具隱私性考量之海量資料的視覺化,存取與處理之研究(1/2) MOST104-2221-E011-083-MY2。

為雲端服務而設計之智慧終端應用安全套件 NSC 101-2219-E-011-004。

基於建造理論與經驗式學習之問題解決遊戲式學習: 遊戲軟體與學習活動設計(I) NSC 101-2511-S-008-005-MY3 (1)。

教室內的學習遊樂場-建立可體驗知識的真實性學習環境(I、II) NSC 99-2631-S-008-004、NSC 100-2631-S-008-001。

以時間基礎之設計模型探討設計形體轉換過程之連續性現象(I) NSC 95-2221-E-224-095-MY3 (1)。


獎項 / Awards

1. 2007   Young CAADRIA Award. LINK

2. 2011   Marquis Who's Who in the World. LINK

3. 2017   CGW-2017 佳作論文獎


學術服務 / Academic Service

1. IEEE WMUTE 2010: Accommodation Chair. LINK

2. IEEE PacificVis 2016: Accommodation Chair. LINK

3. SA Journal of Education, ISSN 2076-3433 (SSCI Journal), reviewer (Apr. 2018~ ).


其它 / Others

1. 指導小論文: 陳冠穎,高二12班,2011。iPad帶進校園的探討-電子書包之應用,資訊類。縣立平鎮高中。

2. 指導小論文: 古祐嘉,高三7班,2012。淺論SONY的衰退,商業類。縣立平鎮高中。LINK