A Multi-Person Selfie System via Augmented Reality

Jie Lin, Chuan-Kai Yang, and Chun-Yuan Xiao


The limited length of a selfie stick always poses the problem of distortion in a selfie, in spite of the prevalence of selfie stick in recent years. We propose a technique, based on modifying existing augmented reality technology, to support the selfie of multiple persons, through properly aligning different photographing processes. It can be shown that our technique helps avoiding the common distortion drawback of using a selfie stick, and facilitates the composition process of a group photo. It can also be used to create some special effects, including creating an illusion of having multiple appearances of a person.

User Case

To ease the description, we first explain how our system is used to obtain a group photo of two persons without asking the help from others. Assuming a male is first to take a picture of a female, using the Eiffel Tower as the background. Next we ask two persons to exchange their positions. In the third step, when the female is to take a picture of the male, using the same Eiffel Tower as the background, then through the augmented reality technique proposed in this work, the female will not only see the male, but also herself being overlaid on the screen of her camera. Such a juxtaposition could make the composition of two persons much easier, especially when there’s no other persons that can help. Also note that such an approach can solve the deformation issue that often exists if we take a group photo with a selfie stick.

System Flow


System Interface

Overlapped Cases and Shadows

Results and Evaluation