A System for Automatic Mood-Transferring between Color Images







The popularity of digital cameras has brought us an enormous amount of digital images, thus a huge requirement on processing them. In particular, the functionality of changing the“tones”or“moods”of an image is increasingly desired. For example, one may want to convert the greenish trees into yellowish ones within an image to hint a seasonal change.
Reinhard et al.s' ground-breaking work of“color transfer between images”, in many cases, could provide a successful means to satisfy such a need. However, there are still two issues that remain relatively unexplored. First, the effectiveness of Reinhard et al.s' work depends heavily on the provided reference image, but how to choose an appropriate one is left to users. Second, it is often difficult to evaluate or quantify the effectiveness of a color transfer, especially when the input image and reference image present significant content difference.
In this paper, we tackle the first issue by providing a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, through which the conversion of a given input image into a desired style could be done with simply a mouse click, while without the requirement of a reference image. To address the second issue, our system also offers a fine-tune mechanism that allows a more accurate color style conversion of the input image by employing a“histogram matching”approach.


為了讓影像轉換的結果能夠在完全符合參考影像的情況下還能保持區域之空間連貫性(spatial coherence),我們引用了區域分割的概念,提出區域調色與長條圖匹配等兩種方式做色彩微調,使得結果能完全與使用者所選擇之心情一致。

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